Short Term Car Leases

What is a Short Term Car Lease?

Short Term Car Leasing is like conventional contract hire and leasing but instead of being 24, 36 or 48 months, it’s over, 6, 7, 9 or 12 months.

It suits a wide range of people and businesses, especially being over a shorter timeframe and can fit in well with New Start Businesses, Probation Period Staff or Short Term Projects.

They are especially popular at the moment due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and how the Government will push Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Different companies offer different short term car lease schemes including:

  • Flexi-rental 28 Days Plus
  • Car Subscriptions
  • Short Term Car Leases
  • Long Term Car Hire

Short Term Car Leases are usually more expensive than traditional lease prices, but don’t have the shorter time periods. This is mainly due to residual values of the vehicles.

Can you lease a car short term?

Yes there are many companies that offer lease cars over a shorter time frame than traditional contract hire and lease funders. 

These shorter term contract can typically cost more than a traditional lease but due to the short term car lease being over a shorter timeframe, it works well for many people or businesses to adapt a shorter term lease to the changes in a business or personal circumstances.

Can you lease a car short term with bad credit?

Some short term car lease companies will allow you to lease a car if you have or have had bad credit previously. Although the terms of the deal may differ from those advertised.

Usually a guarantor, deposit or a higher initial rental maybe required. You may also find that there is a higher processing or documentation fee than usual short term car leases.

Can you lease a car for 12 months?

Yes, short term car lease providers offer a range of cars and commercial vehicles on 12 month (1 year) contracts.

They are usually more expensive than 2 or 3 year leases and the excess mileage charge maybe higher than traditional car leases due to the shorter length in time.

What happens to the cars after a Short Term Car Lease?

Depending on the supplier or the manufacturer, many of the cars go back to the manufacturer and are sold on their own used car pitches as “Approved Vehicles.”

Some of the Ex-Fleet/Ex-rental cars may also appear at Car Supermarkets such as Motorpoint or Available Car.

If you are interested in purchasing the car you have on a short term lease, give the company a call as they may have an option to purchase the car.

Can I lease a car for 6 months?

Yes, many of the short term car lease companies allow you to lease a car on a fixed 6 month car lease or on a flexible lease up to a certain timeframe, this is usually 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the supplier.

Its worthing searching the market and finding a 6 month car deal that suits you and your budget, but be careful of hidden fees.

Can you get a No Deposit short term car lease?

It depends on what you mean by no deposit. If you are looking for a short term car lease company that offers no high initial rentals, then many offer this solution.

If you mean by a refundable security deposit, this would depend on the short term car lease company and your credit status.

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